Ridiculous Sale On Easton Wines

I’ll keep this brief. If you like Barbera as much as I do (for a previous article on Barbera, click here), Easton Wines in Amador Co. is selling a case, a g-damned case, of their 2003, g-damn 2003!, Barbera at $129. That’s less than m’f’ing $11 a bottle for those of you that went to fundamentalist Christian schools. Jesus Christ and all the saints and Mary and Joseph and all the myrrh you can shake a stick at, that’s an insane deal.

A) This is probably one of the best Barberas made in California. B) It’s stupid cheap. And C) See A and B.

It’s a beautiful time of year to head up to Plymouth in Amador County. Drive on up with one of your many days off in the next few months and grab yourself one of the best wine steals this year. For maps, product info and events, check out Terre Rouge/Easton Wines at terrerougewines.com.

4 thoughts on “Ridiculous Sale On Easton Wines”

  1. We hit Terra Rouge for the first time, and they had some great wines. I don’t remember what I thought of the Barbera. However, the Barbera at Karmere blew me away last weekend.


  2. I agree, the Karmere Barbera is excellent. This price sounds intriguing though…

    If you go to the Karmere Winery, be sure to say hi to Mark, he usually handles the barrel tasting.


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