More Restaurant Closings- Center Court and Cheffrey’s

webbLooks like C-Webb and his Center Court restaurant cum sports bar in Natomas have thrown in the towel. I’m sure a weak economy, crappy local sports teams, and C-Webb’s waning star power didn’t help the sinking franchise.  However, according to commenters (and we know how reliable they are) it really closed because too many black people went there. PersonallyI’m more likely to fall on the side of the argument stating that folks with0ut jobs don’t like spending money on cheesesteaks and jalapeno poppers.

Also in Arden/Arcade, one of the whiter parts of town, Cheffrey’s: An American Bistro, closed up shop recently.  Owners of the best sweet potato fries in town and a key lime pie that would make your face contort into sweet/soury puckers of joy, Cheffrey’s shut down  operations last month.  The owners’ catering business, Refer-a-Chef, is still up and running however.

4 thoughts on “More Restaurant Closings- Center Court and Cheffrey’s”

  1. You’re wrong about that Sac-Eats. Sacbee Commenters believe that C-Webb’s joint closed because Barack Obama is a socialist tyrant.


  2. Can we at least “un-retire” his jersey at Arco Arena? Nice support for the area that honored you, C-Webb. What did he make, seven million EACH YEAR? But business is a little off so time to run.


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