Kings game to be nationally televised

A Kings-sized mixed message
A Kings-sized mixed message

Tonight’s Kings game versus the Washington Wizards will be nationally televised on ESPN starting at 7:30 p.m.

Much has been made about the dollar beer promotion, but times are tough and folks gotta do what folks gotta do, right?

“Our fans’ response to our dollar beverage promotion including beer, water and soda has been phenomenal,” said Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof. “Sacramento and ARCO Arena will look awesome on national TV tomorrow night.”

Hmm, dollar beer night or dollar beverage night? Come on, guys, own it.

NOTE: Fans will be able to purchase 12-ounce domestic draft brews for $1 through halftime and can purchase two at a time. No word on whether this applies to water and soda, too.

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3 thoughts on “Kings game to be nationally televised”

  1. As it turned out, the announced crowd was 16,579 (the capacity at Arco Arena is 17,373).


    For a team that ranked last in the NBA in attendance entering the Wednesday contest, the Kings were happy to have a nearly-packed house, even if many only came for the cheap alcohol. The concession stand lines early in the game translated to a 30-minute wait for fans looking to take advantage of the beer promotion.

    But, hey, they won, right?


  2. Dollar beer sounds good. Now if the Kings would bring back those $10 standing room only seats, we might be onto something.

    Then you could share parking with a few people, have a beer and a McSomething from the dollar menu in the parking lot prior to the game – you would be looking at a sub-$20 night out watching NBA basketball.


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