Plan B Cafe: Good Food/Poor Contraceptive

I’m still not comfortable with the name, but I’ve become quite a fan of their food. 

In one word: mussels. Plan B Cafe in Arden Town Center knows how to do mussels. With coconut broth, or spicy cilantro broth, or white wine and garlic, or tomato sauce (or as my Nana would say, “tomato gravy”) with herbes de provence, these folks know how to serve up some bivalves.  The rest of the menu ain’t too shabby either, a bit expensive, but delicious and elegant enough to warrant most of the price. The mussels, however, are a steal at $12 (and extra $3 for fries, but trust me, you need the fries).

One of the more whimsical thoughts is that the space Plan B occupies used to be a toy store. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, I just think it’s kind of funny.

Try the desserts, especially anything with a crust — tarte tarin, pear tartlette, anything gallette — but stay away from the bread they bring to the table.  Someone in the kitchen is obviously a talented pastry chef, but not much of a bread maker.

Plan B Cafe- Watt & Fair Oaks in Arden Town Center, Sacramento

Foo ***1/2 Ambiance *** Service ****

2 thoughts on “Plan B Cafe: Good Food/Poor Contraceptive”

  1. I went when they were over my neighborhood. I agree. The mussels with white wine,garlic, and creme fraiche were my favorite. The fries were like those at Bouchon. I like the owners too. Nice couple!


  2. After several times going to this place & finding the doors locked, I finally ate there last night. I agree with your comments on the bread! I’m posting a review of the restaurant on my blog this A.M.


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