Not too Shabu

Reader help is requested to give me a better idea as to what is happening on the corner of 16th and R. At the beginning of the month, a small restaurant opened up called Shabu: Japanese Fondue.  Now the only thing I know about shabu-shabu is what I learned on the interwebs (which is a series of tubes dontchaknow).  Here’s what I’ve gleaned from the the usual sources: shabu-shabu is style of cuisine in which the diner cooks small bits of meat and vegetable in a communal bowl of steaming broth; this broth is then consumed at the end of the meal.

All I can say is “Thank God.” I was a bit worried that we were expected to mix teriyaki with a brandy spiked cheese sauce, or dipping slivers of yellowtail into molten chocolate. 

So, has anyone had shabu-shabu before? Anyone actually eaten at the new Shabu restaurant yet? Anyone turning Japanese?  Let us know.

6 thoughts on “Not too Shabu”

  1. Shabu-shabu is a wonderful winter dish, simple but satisfying. I haven’t tried this new place, but shabu-shabu is hard to get wrong: the broth is usually Japanese dashi (a kind of bouillon made from dried bonito flakes, soy sauce, sugar and mirin); the ingredients are whatever strikes your fancy, but beef is the preferred meat. I like stirring in some cubes of tofu, whole clams, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, and green onions. A Korean friend likes sprinkling chili powder on top of hers, but this dish is hot enough without the spice.


  2. Ricksha had a terrific shabu shabu for $11 that was enough for 2 people.

    The new place charges about $15-$20 per person for the same thing. Hope it’s good!


  3. I went to this place knowing that I didn’t like shabu shabu, but loving hot pot. I thought this place was good (I got the all you can eat) I ate beef, lamb, and chicken to my hearts content. It’s a good place to go w/ friends to share good food and conversation. They also have all you can drink for just $10 more than the all you can eat place. Makes for fun times! The only downside is that it can be a little pricey. I thought the $30 for all you can eat was a little on the steep side.


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