9 thoughts on “This just doesn’t look right”

  1. I abhor all vandalism, especially vandalism that clearly contains an implied threat like a swastika on a synagogue.

    But it’s interesting that local media is not quite as interested when La Familia Nortenos scrawls their LFM logo on speed bump signs and garbage cans on my street.


  2. cogmeyer, is the gang somehow saying they want to kill the contents of the speed bump or trash can? i think there’s a big difference between territorial pissing by adolescents who have no respect for private property and white supremacists who want a whole class of people dead.


  3. The manji or reversed swastika is actually a symbol of unity or peace in Buddhism. I’ve seen them carved and painted on the wall of Buddhist temples in Japan. And, of course, on the back of the main character in the manga “Blade of the Immortal.”

    That said, I refuse to associate hate graffiti with legitimate religious symbolism. The scumbag who painted all over Kenesset Israel was just dirt stupid.


  4. Kudos, Moe! And it looks like whoever (Nazis/Jainists/Buddhists) really has it out for PG&E, rather than the Jews. Unless the Jews practice inside a small green utility box? Assuming it’s PG&E they are are upset with, I really have to support the Nazis/Jainists/Buddhists…


  5. Moe Hong

    I am glad to hear your minimization of the gang problem as “territorial pissing by adolescents”. The adolescents tagging my garbage can are doing it on behalf of Nortenos who are involved in a very violent drug trade, and in a too few years these adolescents will themselves be involved in the business themselves.

    Truth is far more people in America today are being terrorized and killed by gangs vs. Nazis / white supremacists. And the backwards swastika at the synagogue is more likely the work of some misguided illiterate adolescents acting alone, versus the gang tags which are part of an organized crime syndicate.

    I think my point still stands…the news dismisses the fact that hundreds of Sacramento streets are regularly being identifed as home turf by violent & deadly gangs, while making front page news of the more sensational defacement of a synagogue.


  6. Hello?!? Ain’t nobody gonna call cog a racist for singling out the Nortenos??? When we all know that mexican gangs are just a response to the white-dominated culture of valuing books and… stuff that’s not shoes? Or low riders? And… quincideillieas? (whatever the “celebration of a girls 15 year birthday that always ends in gunfire” is)


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