SBW – Now douchebag free

No reports of douchebaggery at Sacramento Beer Week
The turnout for Sacramento Beer Week has been tremendous. I have seen several events that were practically wall to wall with people enjoying their friends and Sacramento’s finest pints (and schooners, and tulips, and litres, and samplers and chalices and…) and have been genuinely impressed by the quality of events and participation from Sacramento’s beer community.

Independent of the great beer, food and fun, do you know what my favorite part has been?

No douchebags.

I have watched the douchebag trend grow at beer events over the past few years. They can be spotted waiting in line for an event holding an 18 pack of inexpensive ice beer, giving them the biggest buzz for the buck. By the time doors are opened, they have already drunk at least dozen beers and are ready to have unlimited craft beer for free. While at the event, they appear to experience fluctuations in their testosterone levels, resulting in communicating at unusually high volumes, mood swings, and occasional episodes of self-hypnosis. They often smell of gastro-intestinal distress, mistaking their aroma for an attractive musk. They often misplace their shirts.

Thankfully, Sacramento Beer Week seems to have slipped under their radar. The week is now half empty (or is it half full? Deep thoughts to consider over a beer with your friends.) and I look forward to hopefully enjoying the rest of the week in a douchebag-free environment.

5 thoughts on “SBW – Now douchebag free”

  1. As a relatively new Sac resident, I am fascinated by the local douchebaggery? Why has this town been “blessed” with so many douchebags and other wannabes?


  2. This is a very good question, Arkady. I wasn’t sure if it was noticeable compared to the rest of the world. I don’t really have a good answer for this. It is probably just a perfect storm of cost of living, proximity to everything, and the size of the city. Anybody else have any theories?


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