Odonata Saison Release Party

Odonata's beautiful new saison
Sacramento’s newest brewery, Odonata Beer Company, is making the big leap towards wider distribution and bigger sales. Sure, a handful of us have had their fantastic Rorie’s Ale, Beersel and Rosa and their name has gotten a bit more well known through their Water Witch, but their new Saison is intended to put them on the map as a larger player in the regional beer scene. Taps will be scattered throughout the area and bottles will soon be available at most places you buy beer.

Odonata is a boutique brewery owned and operated by Peter Hoey and Rick Sellers. Peter is the former brewmaster at SacBrew, while Rick is a well known beer journalist. Their focus is European-style beers, many of which are aged in the wine barrels from Odonata Wines, made by Peter’s brother Denis. While their other beers have been bold and adventurous, the saison is food friendly and approachable yet with deeply nuanced malt flavors. A few years back, Hoey’s saison won the gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival, so expect the best from this beer.

The Odonata Saison will be released on Friday with a celebration at The Shack, which is quickly becoming known as one of the premiere spots in Sacramento to enjoy fine craft beer from around the world. Chef/owner Gary Sleppy will be preparing several dishes specifically paired with the Saison, including mussels and frites, Belgian beef pie, Wallonia style endive, and Sleppy’s handmade truffles. Hoey and Sellers will be there with the beautiful logo glass pictures above, T-shirts and lots of delicious beer. Several writers from the SacRag will be there, come by and say hi!!

Odonata Saison Release Party
The Shack
5201 Folsom Blvd

2 thoughts on “Odonata Saison Release Party”

  1. Odonata Saison =[/anagram] A Toad Ass Onion [/end anagram]

    Coincidence?? YOU decide! While “Toad Ass Onion” might make for a good name, there’d be some marketing issues, since you dont usually want people thinking of “ass” or “onion” when drinking your beer…


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