Sacramentan has a Minute to Win It!

Jessica “The Outlaw” James, 20 of Sacramento competed tonight on the NBC game show Minute to Win It. In case you have not watched Minute to Win It, contestants must complete a series of silly stunts using household products while music from The Omen and Conan the Barbarian and The Office(???) blares in an attempt to win $1,000,000. Consider it to be NBC’s version of an economic stimulus package as people across the country are stocking up on various items in order to practice. Claiming to be the 5th best cheerleader in world, she was an excellent game show contestant as she (a) was really hot and (b) had appropriate inspiration in competing for a million dollars, which was to buy a house for her mom.

How did she do? Spoiler after the jump.

On her way to winning $50,000, James had to squirt a balloon into a trash can with a spray bottle, flip marshmallows into a cup with a broom, shake her booty in a manner vigorous enough to shake ping pong balls out a tissue box affixed to said booty, catapult spoons into a glass (which was a nail biter), and propel eggs across the floor using pizza box generated wind power. Her undoing was attempting to keep two feathers aloft using only her breath.

While writing this piece, I learned two things. 1) Searching the Internet for “Jessica James” results in some very, very dirty pictures for someone named “Jessica Jaymes”. 2) Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers will be on Minute to Win It in two weeks. I am hoping that these two factoids will result in an unusually high number of hits for the SacRag.

Anyway, a huge congratulations to Sacramento’s Jessica James for winning $50,000!

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