I feel so behind the times. Since my residential shift to Midtown, I haven’t had a chance to roll down Howe Avenue in a spell. So imagine my surprise when I spotted the rotted out shell of a T.G.I. Friday’s on Howe and Hurley yesterday. A little research tells me that this place has been closed since September. September?  Man do I feel out of it.

For decades, this particular corner has been known as the “Herpes Triangle” — the three points of the triangle being Friday’s, Chevy’s, and previously El Torito, now Tre — and now, one of the triangle’s points is no more. Somehow “Herpes Line” just doesn’t have the same ring. Should we have a renaming contest? Has this particular Sacramento corner lost its cultural relevancy like Craig Kilborn and the city of St. Louis? Does this somehow absolve Guy Fieri of spokesing for a competitor to his own restaurant? Was that Guy’s plan all along, to drive Friday’s into the ground by pitching its gooey meals? What other restaurants from my childhood are gone? Please tell me the Coral Reef hasn’t shuttered.

7 thoughts on “TGIFIC? WTF”

  1. Haven’t you heard? Going for drinks after work is not cool anymore, since it can’t be done on an iPad.


  2. It’s nice when places that are overly expensive for the fare and have (generally) rude people working there close.


  3. sundog : yup. A shit hole of a restaurant with slow bar service, annoying waitresses with no enthusiasm, dirty tables, questionable patrons and mediocre food. If you have been there in the last year, their closing is no surprise.

    The last time I went there it took 40+ minutes to get our second order of drinks. After waiting forever, we said forget this and asked for the check. Then the waitress goes back and finally rushes out with our drink orders instead of the check. sigh…


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