Everybody always blames the driver

(Paging SinghCity…) The latest car-v-building incident has all the same details you’ve come to expect from this type of story: a car, a building, the moving one crashes into the stationary one. But this one has a twist… it was the driver’s fault! From KCRA.com:

SUV Hits Sacramento Convenience Store: Driver Error Blamed

Most of the time, the convenience store has it coming, what with all that delicious junk food just sitting there for the crashing.

Author: CoolDMZ

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4 thoughts on “Everybody always blames the driver”

  1. I lolled.

    But to be fair, it could a tire that suddenly blew out causing that car to swerve into the building. Or a Toyota that didn’t stop. Or a 2000-era Ford Explorer with Firestone tires. In those cases, it wouldn’t be driver error.


  2. I thought of that, but in the end I went with snark over fairness. I’m glad my laziness was caught by somebody willing to let it slide for the most part 🙂


  3. At least it isn’t like the dog attacks that happen. Was the owner of the SUV “shocked”? Was it suprising that such a “nice” car could do this soprt of thing? It’s nice to see owner responsibility, regardless of the issue.


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