Old Fashioned Music/New-Fangled Internet Radio

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Nick Brunner’s show “Off-Air” on Capital Public Radio, you really should. Nick does a great job of putting together quality music, live in-studio performances, and wit and wisdom rarely seen on midweek NPR programming.

I might recommend also, that you tune-in to this week’s rather outstanding show since it features one of my favorite bands, my band, The FreeBadge Serenaders. If you are a fan of a) depression-era ditties, b) household implements put into service as musical instruments, and c) gratuitous references to Keith Lowell Jensen (where ya’ been KLJ?) then this is the broadcast for you. In addition you can catch tracks from bands with beards like “Broken Social Scene” and “LCD Soundsystem.”

Click. Listen. Enjoy. Sassafras.

One thought on “Old Fashioned Music/New-Fangled Internet Radio”

  1. Oh, hey, I’m around. I haven’t really been reading anything on the internet unless it involves babies, spit up, cloth diapers, teething or homemade, coconut milk, chocolate ice cream. But I will take advantage of this opportunity to say I LOVE me some Free Badge.


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