Domino’s pizza asking for SSN?

If you’re ordering a Domino’s pizza, that’s your first mistake, but beware the following, via Consumerist:

[Consumerist reader Brent says] the Domino’s dude wouldn’t let him pay with a credit card unless he offered up his Social Security Number or driver’s license number. Since Brent was smart enough to know you only give such information to Girl Scouts and those guys who go to door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions, he checked it out with his local Domino’s, which told him the nosyness is store policy.

I’m not sure if there is a problem with giving the DL#, and this is not confirmed to be happening here in Sacto, but still, caveat eator.

Author: CoolDMZ

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9 thoughts on “Domino’s pizza asking for SSN?”

  1. It’s odd, but your drivers’ license number is considered public information by the state. Anybody can ask for a copy of your drivers’ license, though “casual requestors” can’t get this information about their spouses, kids, or domestic partners. Which is a good thing if you’re being stalked by an ex.

    But given the number of local pizza joints that are far better than Domino’s, why would anyone bother ordering from them anyway?


  2. It’s totally a problem to give out your DL number! When I had a ton of bad checks written in my name by an identity theft that was one of the problems – the person had my DL # and for some reason that made it a lot easier for him/her. Even if it is public info I wouldn’t go around handing it to pizza parlors. Does anyone even say pizza parlor anymore. Who knows. These are crazy times.


  3. Give them Richard Nixon’s SSN, which I use for all my dentists, doctors, video rental applications, etc., that also ask for SSN but aren’t entitled to it. Easier than getting into a debate while your plastic pizza is cooling off. It’s 567-68-0515.


  4. So Phil at Domino’s has now admitted this store committed a misdemeanor – using a social security number as identification, something which is only allowed by certain mandated public agencies. In the public comments on a blog read by hundreds … well, ok, dozens of people. Nice.


  5. Mo Hong sees misdemeanors– EVERYWHERE! Even where they don’t exist. Don’t change lanes in an intersection in front of Mo…


  6. Turty, Are you saying you think anyone should be allowed to require a Social Security number for identification? Any private business? You don’t like the law that makes this illegal?


  7. I think Turty is saying you should be allowed to change lanes in an intersection… But I could be missing something.


  8. If you want to do business with me, you must name your first born “Turty.” Not a misdemeanor. I can ask for whatever I want (except for s-e-x) in business. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do business with me. GOVT agencies can’t ask for your social, unless they are the SS dept, etc. There is no law that applies to private industry re: asking for social, other than certain disclosures if they get it, and storage requirements. And you can change lanes in the middle of an intersections. Not a good idea, but you can by law.


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