New Malaysian Chili Sauce Only Sold in Sacramento

While the thermostat reads 100 degrees right now, Sacramento’s heat index just went higher with the country’s exclusive supply of Lingham’s Sweet & Spicy Hot Sauce. Local grocery store Corti Brothers now holds the complete United States stock of this fine Malaysian chili sauce. Darrell Corti, international culinary legend, deems this hot sauce, “one of my favorite condiments… It is without peer.”

Manufactured in Malaysia, this condiment isn’t your run-of-the-mill heat infusion sauce. Lingham’s brings bright sweetness and tang, followed by a polite kick to your palette. It offers layers of playful flavor. Corti writes in his store’s newsletter: “The chiles grown for this sauce are usually grown on small plots where the individual growers can harvest them as they turn from green to red, when the chile still has a fruity character and is not all heat and no flavor.”

The sauce contains all that is delicious: chili, sugar, and garlic. It also lacks all that is not: no Msg, no added flavorings or colors.

This weekend, I experimented with Lingham’s over fresh ceviche. It enlivened the dish without overpowering, and paired beautifully with both cilantro and seafood. Later, I poured it on tortilla chips like salsa. Jolly good eats!

The price for all this joy? Just $3.99 per 12.5 ounce jar. Since lil’ ol’ Sacramento is the sole American supplier of this deliciousness, grab an extra bottle for your friends and family back east.

And you’re welcome. This is a killer find! You heard it from GreenBeet first. (Unless, of course, you heard about it from Darrell Corti. Or bought some the last time you were shopping in Denmark, another country where this fine product is sold.)

6 thoughts on “New Malaysian Chili Sauce Only Sold in Sacramento”

  1. A Thai food importer in Seattle sells it, too. Where did you get the idea this was a Corti exclusive? Google shopping shows a few other folks selling it.


  2. Maybe Darrell Corti thinks he has the exclusive distribution rights in the U.S., but I saw this sauce for sale at Uwajimaya , the legendary Japanese/Asian grocery store in Seattle. It is spicy, but Southeast Asian/Malay heat tends to be sweet rather flame-inducing. I like using it to make my own version of pad thai. It keeps people from realizing my noodles are usually overcooked.


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