New Malaysian Chili Sauce Only Sold in Sacramento

While the thermostat reads 100 degrees right now, Sacramento’s heat index just went higher with the country’s exclusive supply of Lingham’s Sweet & Spicy Hot Sauce. Local grocery store Corti Brothers now holds the complete United States stock of this fine Malaysian chili sauce. Darrell Corti, international culinary legend, deems this hot sauce, “one of my favorite condiments… It is without peer.”

Manufactured in Malaysia, this condiment isn’t your run-of-the-mill heat infusion sauce. Lingham’s brings bright sweetness and tang, followed by a polite kick to your palette. It offers layers of playful flavor. Corti writes in his store’s newsletter: “The chiles grown for this sauce are usually grown on small plots where the individual growers can harvest them as they turn from green to red, when the chile still has a fruity character and is not all heat and no flavor.”

The sauce contains all that is delicious: chili, sugar, and garlic. It also lacks all that is not: no Msg, no added flavorings or colors.

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