Dave Cox RIP

After a 13 year battle with prostate cancer, Sacramento political leader David E. Cox has died at the age of 72.

Dave served us as a member of the SMUD Board, KVIE Board, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, the California State Assembly and, at his death, the California State Senate.

I was hanging out with some other long term local politicos and public servants today who remember him as I do. Dave was above “politics” and the bullshit that frustrates the public and distracts our elected representatives. He understood his mission, which is to do the right thing, sometimes regardless of political pressure. He frequently found a middle ground to create the best community he could through compromise. He fought for what he believed in without fighting for the sake of battle.

His death is California’s loss. We remember him today.

One thought on “Dave Cox RIP”

  1. Stickie: Thank you for posting this. His straightforward, common sense approach served our community well for years, and he also took the time to raise a nice family. Way back when I was a lowly junior staffer at a governmental organization, he was one of our board members, and he consistently took on some of the tougher tasks, while he was also took the time to get to know us staff members too.


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