Dave Cox RIP

After a 13 year battle with prostate cancer, Sacramento political leader David E. Cox has died at the age of 72.

Dave served us as a member of the SMUD Board, KVIE Board, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, the California State Assembly and, at his death, the California State Senate.

I was hanging out with some other long term local politicos and public servants today who remember him as I do. Dave was above “politics” and the bullshit that frustrates the public and distracts our elected representatives. He understood his mission, which is to do the right thing, sometimes regardless of political pressure. He frequently found a middle ground to create the best community he could through compromise. He fought for what he believed in without fighting for the sake of battle.

His death is California’s loss. We remember him today.

Art Savage Memorial Saturday at Raley Field

River Cats owner Art Savage, who passed away last week at age 58, will be remembered Saturday in a public memorial at Raley Field. From the River Cats:

The entire River Cats family is shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of Art Savage. Art was an extraordinary person whose dedication to his community was only surpassed by his commitment to his own family. All those who were lucky enough to have had their lives touched by Art were far better because of it. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Savage family during this incredibly difficult time.

The Savage family has asked that, in lieu of flowers, those who wish to show their support and honor Art’s memory can do so in the form of a donation to the River Cats Foundation. The River Cats Foundation was created to serve and benefit children and families in need in our community. Donations should be made to:

River Cats Foundation, Inc.
Attn: Dan Vistica, Chairman
400 Ballpark Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Art Savage Memorial Service
Saturday, November 28 – Service begins at 1:00 p.m. (ballpark opens at 12:00 p.m.)
Raley Field
400 Ballpark Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Art Savage, RIP

Art Savage, the owner of our beloved River Cats, died today at age 58. His death was sudden and shocking; he had recently beat lung cancer. A family member of mine who had a personal and professional relationship with Mr. Savage writes:

Would you please let the Sac Rag readership know that their community has lost a truly good and decent man.

Most will know that he was a hugely successful in professional sports and that he brought that success to Sacramento. Those who knew him know that he could have been successful at anything and that he shared his success with those who worked with him. Those who knew him the best know that none of his success, though, was anything at all compared to his love for his wife and family and his loyalty to his friends.

What a legacy he has built in the River Cats. He will be sorely missed and my heart goes out to his family. RIP

The Monarchs are dead, long live the Monarchs

Sad news for women’s pro sports today as Maloof Sports & Entertainment folds the Sacramento Monarchs:

“Our focus is to turn the Kings around, and to do that, we have to put all our efforts and good salespeople on the Kings.”

The recently-turned-around, .500-for-the-first-time-since-forever Kings could not be reached for comment.

Maybe the Monarchs will end up in S.F.?

Ben Underwood, RIP

On this very historic day there is sad news out of Elk Grove, as the Bee reports that the Ben Underwood lost his battle with cancer yesterday. This was the young man who, after losing his eyes to cancer as a boy, taught himself echolocation — basically he could navigate the world by emitting sound waves. If you haven’t heard of this story it was the most amazing thing you’ll ever see. This is really tough news and I wish his family the best.

R.I.P. Peter Camejo

Long time Folsom resident Peter Camejo died of lymphoma yesterday at the age of 68.

Camejo was the most famous Californian member of the Green Party, took 4th place in the recall election to replace Gray Davis, and was Ralph Nader’s running mate in the 2004 presidential election. He was active in politics since the 1960’s, where he involved in the Free Speech movement and Vietnam War protests at U.C Berkeley, and ran for president in 1976.

Known for his controversial political views, Camejo was an important figure in offering an alternative to our two-party political system. He will also be remembered for his pioneering work in investing, including creation of the Eco-Logical Trust for Merrill Lynch, the first fund of a major firm to hold investments to environmental standards.

Throw The Book at The End

My heart goes out to the family of Jennifer Strange, who apparently died of water intoxication during a radio contest on “Morning Rave,” the morning show on “The End.” Ten people were fired today, and I have to assume that includes whoever was “in charge” at the time. Admittedly, water intoxication is probably not something everybody knows about, and I don’t know how many people are actually working during an FM radio morning show, or how the vetting process works for the contests (that process must not contain a humor component, as this whole tragic effed-up mess was aimed at making a pee joke about the Nintendo Wii). But somebody should have said something. Well, somebody like nurse practitioner Judith Linder did say something:

She and two co-workers called the radio station on a speaker phone, and their comments that water intoxication can be dangerous were part of the broadcast.

A DJ retorted, asking them why they didn’t join the contest. Linder said they replied: We don’t want to die.

I say criminal negligence. Throw the book at ’em.