2010 CA State Fair Opens!

Poppy points the way to adventure!
An adventure is waiting inside at the 157th annual California State Fair! Check in here at The Rag for updates on food, fun, music, booze and more so you don’t miss out on new features and old favorites. Discount tickets are still available through midnight tonight! Meanwhile, here are a few images from the opening day.

The color guard makes sure they are ready to bring in Old Glory.
Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Pony Express, a rider delivers a letter from the mayor of St. Joseph, MO, to the mayor of Sacramento.
After reading his letter, Mayor Johnson offers the traditional corn dog toast.
The first guest to enter the 2010 California State Fair.
News 10 personalities hand out Passports for Adventure (aka, coupons for a free cup, sucker, Lotto scratcher, and Neverland ride). Hmmmm, could be something more adventurous, no?
Dampen me for dinosaur terror!

2 thoughts on “2010 CA State Fair Opens!”

  1. The monorail ride was a plesent $3/person ride (WAY better than the $4 each for the short and lame funhouse). Only gripe- Dale Shornack’s non-stop commercial over the monorail loudspeakers. Dale should be tossed from the monorail for that one.

    Love the $6k metal dinosaur sculpture! $6k too much? Terrorize your neighbors’ dogs with a $450 crocodile in your front yard!

    “25% off” food that is already marked up 4000% is still too expensive.

    And fer crying out loud- stop using raw sewage and open the freakin’ fountain to the public already. Nothing like being fenced off from a giant spray of water when its 105 degrees out.


  2. From News10…

    On July 20 or 27, unemployed visitors, who bring their unemployment check stubs to any Cal Expo ticket booth, may receive a free ticket, which is only good for admission on the day it is issued.

    So if you are out of work, you can bring your kids to watch wistfully while the other kids get to go on rides and eat cotton candy.


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