New eats in Tahoe Park: Cafe Lumiere

Now open at Broadway & 57th in Tahoe Park is Cafe Lumiere, offering breakfast and lunch and Java City coffee (and beer and wine, if I’m not mistaken)! I have yet to try it but we took a gander at the menu and it looked awesome: standard cafe fare, sandwiches, salads, full breakfasts. Check back here for a full review probably after this weekend, where I may sample the breakfast.

This answers supersonic30’s question from over 2 years ago, and so far it does not appear there will be room for a cigarette shop on that block, though there is one across the street.

TP is small enough that all of us who live there know where I’m talking about, but here is what the block looked like about a month ago:

Author: CoolDMZ

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One thought on “New eats in Tahoe Park: Cafe Lumiere”

  1. Very cool. Did you notice that horrible Juan has finally vacated across the street? My real question is about the sandwich place? How many sandwich shops are going to go into that original Mr. Pickles location before someone screams that it is just not going to fly?


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