Not *quite* as good as the chimichanga on the chandelier

OK, this is not meant to get the fur flying on who’s right/who’s wrong when it comes to animals. I think we can all agree that lots of animals in not a lot of space = not a good thing.

The real question about the SPCA’s plight is how this woman was actually related (or not) to the late, great Gregory Peck?

While you ponder that, clean out your linen closet and kindly deliver any towels, blankets, or any other accoutrement you think would lend some creature comfort to our critter friends.

8 thoughts on “Not *quite* as good as the chimichanga on the chandelier”

  1. Kimi Peck is the ex-wife of Gregory Peck’s son Stephen, though I don’t know if I’d call that related. She hasn’t had much contact with the Peck clan in ages. But I was more disturbed to find out that Madonna dumped her unwanted chihuahuas on this woman, who allowed at least one of them to freeze to death in an outdoor pen.

    I just hauled a Hefty bag full of old bath towels to the SPCA, but they sure could use more. Chihuahuas lose body heat very quickly, so they need to be wrapped, even in the summer.


  2. Throw away the towels, and just deliver the plastic bags. If you pack 20-25 dogs in the Hefty(tm) bag, that’s far more effective than wrapping each one in a towel. And better for the environment!


  3. Thanks for the info and the donations, sundog! I’m heading down there today with my goods. For anyone who’s interested, the SPCA is at 6201 Florin-Perkins Road, which is between Power Inn and Watt and between Fruitridge and Elder Creek.


  4. Interesting that a private investigator would comment at a public online forum—that what PI stands for, right, Becky? Part of a private investigator’s job is to be discreet and to protect the identity of her client. But when you post a comment on a blog as you did above, the administrator can look up your IP address and find out your location.

    More to the point, I was told earlier today that Kimi Peck’s supporters are attempting to start a campaign online to “free Kimi.” Good luck with that. In just a casual Google search, one can see that Peck has managed to alienate the shelter and rescue community, her former neighbors in the Bakersfield area, and a lot of dog lovers. So either she’s the victim of a huge statewide smear campaign, or she’s left a trail of poop the breadth and width of Cali.


  5. Becky: Funny thing about blogging. Somebody’s always giving you free advice. This sundog’s on the level. He socked your comment in the kisser and barely took time afterward to cross the street. He’s cagey.


  6. Sundog and Marlowe

    I am not working undercover nor am I working for Kimi Peck so it does not matter if I (as you say) expose myself. And, not you can’t find my IP address since it is changed every two minutes. I don’t think Kimi is right in some of what she does, but what Robyn is a stalker by running that web site. And P. Marlowe? You have no room to talk. Marlowe is a criminal who will be exposed. Sundog did not sock my comment in the kisser because I am not trying to hide and I am not working for Kimi Peck. Just giving my personal comment like everyone else.


  7. Those are harsh words to throw at a man. I don’t mind if you don’t like my manners, I don’t like them myself. And other quotes from The Big Sleep.


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