Local Bands Play Beach Boys

The original B Boys, yo
Some of my favorite local shows in recent years are part of the “tribute” series Jerry Perry has been putting on at Old Ironsides. Not only do you get to see classic acts such as David Bowie and The Clash reinterpreted by local artists, but the scene is always a who’s who of Sacramento musicians, largely because half of them are playing that night. On Saturday, you can join in the madness at the Beach Boys Tribute Show. Acts will include Aaron King, Adrian Bourgeois, Baby Grand, David Houston, Dog Party, The Free Badge Serenaders, I Scream On Sundae, Jackson Griffith, Jem & Scout, Justin Davis, Ol’ Cotton Dreary, On Display, The Only Men and SAUCER. Be on the lookout for crazy harmonies and some seriously punked out surf tunes. I hope someone brings a theremin!

Beach Boys Tribute Show
Old Ironsides
Saturday, August 7
8:00 pm

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