Wine, Cheese and Bread Faire

Why do people sometimes put an “e” at the end of “faire”? For me, it conjures up images of Renaissance Faire, artificially sized smoked turkey legs (and other body parts) and overuse of the phrase “ye olde”. Alas, I shouldn’t unnecessarily grouse about it, as it seems appropriate in this context. You can’t get much more olde schoole than wine, cheese and bread. Archaeological evidence indicates that all three predate any known archeological evidence and were among the first staples of both ancient diets and religious ceremonies. Enjoying this trinity of basic foods is at the heart of the modern slowe foode movement, subconsciously awakening palates to flavors of times passed.

If you want to simultaneously connect with your ancient self and enjoy great local cuisine, then direct yourself hither to the Old Sugar Mill’s Wine Cheese & Bread Faire this weekend. I’m a big fan of the Old Sugar Mill and applaud when it holds events of this nature, hoping for more. Besides the titular foods, local chefs will offer creations using regional chocolates, teas, nuts, olive oil and more. Check the schedule here for cooking demos, cheese lessons, barrel tastings and tours.

5 thoughts on “Wine, Cheese and Bread Faire”

  1. I got married at the Old Sugar Mill. I just fell in love with the brick and glass, at night time it is especially beautiful. =) This event sounds great! I wish they had better pictures on their website, it seems to me like they aren’t capitalizing on their renovation investment.


  2. HoneySac, the renovation plans are, as I understand, currently in limbo. There have been numerous roadblocks that have prevented them from going forward with their original plans and I think new owners have taken over in the past year or so.


  3. Aaah. I was just referring to re-doing the whole tunnel in the first place- going from train sugar dumping station to beautiful glassed in room.

    I forgot to mention- awesome people are the ones who put the “e” at the end of fair. =) OR how about the lovely Y, as is fayre? Hmmm?


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