Secrecy on aisle five

Banana Display at Trader Joe's

I know this is only tangentially local, in the sense that it is local news to a bunch of different locations, but I just enjoyed reading this piece in CNN/Fortune Magazine about Trader Joe’s. Full of interesting tidbits (they sell chips made by Frito Lay! It is owned by “the Germans”! This one guy’s name is Burt P. Flickinger III!), it won’t change your mind about the famously tightlipped corporation or anything, but it is good reading and of interest to anyone who is a fan of the Joe. By the way, if they did sell secrecy on aisle five, it would it be Thai-chili-infused.

What do you think? Does the corporate secrecy enhance your love for TJs or does it put you off?

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

6 thoughts on “Secrecy on aisle five”

  1. Dunno. When they pull the English toffee chocolate chunks off of their inventory the way they pulled the chocolate animal crackers last year, then I’ll mind. I think.

    I’ve always suspected however that TJs deliberately makes their parking lots tiny to create the image that they are insanely popular and their products scarce. I’ve yet to shop at one Trader Joes and not have to search for parking or worry that some frantic soccer mom or dad is going to back their minivan into my car while trying to get out of that teeny tiny parking slot.


  2. I do believe that the above could quite likely win the Sac Rag Douchey Comment Award.

    Congratulations Turty!

    (Now to figure out what sort of trophy such an award deserves…)


  3. @textish- “stuffed toy” means the little toy TJs says they have hidden around the store. Never found it. Dunno what you are thinking.


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