More new cheap eats in Tahoe Park: M’s Teriyaki

I’m fine with the fact that Tahoe Park will never have a four star restaurant in its boundaries, or even really a restaurant where you don’t eat with paper forks. However what we do have is good cheap eats. From Tallac Village Donuts to Boon Boon Cafe, the Stockton/Broadway/14th Ave area has its fair share.

We can add one more to the list: M’s Teriyaki. Opened just recently in the small strip that formerly housed “Juan in a Million” taqueria, M’s is your typical cheap Japanese takeout joint. Local real estate agent Pat Vogeli, a Tahoe Park specialist and a loyal reader (Hi Pat!), tipped me off to the place and last night I gave it a try. It is comparable to the Teriyaki Grill place in Market Square — if you’re there, and you’re kinda hungry, it can be great eats. But if you’re looking for ambiance or to eat sushi, it’s probably not on your list.

Chicken teriyaki with a California roll is great comfort food in my book, and the fact that I was able to get 2 hand rolls and freshly grilled teriyaki for under $7 made me pretty happy. It’s probably not a destination for anybody outside the zip code, but it’s good takeout if you find yourself in the area.

M’s Teriyaki
5780 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 739-1888

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “More new cheap eats in Tahoe Park: M’s Teriyaki”

  1. There’s actually a pretty solid Chinese place just down the street, in the crumbling little strip mall at 59th and Broadway. Phu’s, I think? Been a while since I was there, but I remember their honey walnut prawns being quite good.


  2. Thanks! I hadn’t actually tried that and I usually have to go outside of TP for Chinese food. I’ll give it a shot on your rec.


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