Where is the smartest service staff?

While ordering at what I assume it’s appropriate to call “Camellia McDonald’s” (Folsom and 56th in East Sac) I realized that almost every time I visit that establishment I am struck by the way the young staff is, to put it delicately, unburdened by the pressures of intelligence. I recited my order and this young lady looked up at me for such a long moment that I actually questioned whether I was in the right place.

But to put a positive spin on it, I want to hear from you about service you receive that is on the other end of the spectrum. I’m sure there are some specialty shops — cycling, high-end equipment repair — that kind of ruin the curve, but maybe there are some more mainstream establishments where the service staff is especially quick on the uptake. What do you say? Where is the smartest service staff?

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14 thoughts on “Where is the smartest service staff?”

  1. Shocker, but Peet’s always brings it. Whether it is remembering an order after only a few visits or understanding how to add money to a gift card mid-transaction, they are solid with the smarts.


  2. I was at the drive-thru Jack in the Box on the corner of Stockton and Broadway when I experienced the most well-spoken, professional guy…I tried to catch his name, Kevin? Maybe not.
    At first, I thought his well-mannered demeanor through the speaker-in-the-box was the sometimes typical sarcasm. I was wrong though, this kid was good. Real good. I wanted to call corporate and tell them HOW good he was. Well spoken, friendly, and prompt. If you find yourself in the drive-thru on that corner, your tacos wont be the only thing that puts a smile on your face.


  3. The young lady looked up at you for such a long moment because she was calculating the exact amount of spit to be applied to your burger.


  4. Thanks dave, I love to hear that kind of thing!

    I’m going to go ahead and actually put in a vote for the Sandwich Spot folks at the location out here at Mather. As Sac-eats pointed out in his original review of SSpot, they get the line moving with an order-then-pay-while-sandwich is made system, and I have also seen them manage customers expectations about how much tri-tip is left on tri-tip sandwich day down to the last sandwichable amount of meat. They run a tight ship.

    When sandwichable enters Websters make sure to come back here and give credit where credit’s due.


  5. Elk Grove Chick-Fil-A – they’re always really efficient, friendly, and rarely screw up an order.

    Action Camera in Roseville – Beats the pants off of Pardee’s in friendliness, and probably overall in knowledge (there are some weak links at Pardee’s)

    La Garnacha – I can’t ever remember getting a messed up order from them

    Suzie Burger – Same as La Garnacha

    Ritz Camera on J St – really knowledgeable staff there!


  6. Burkino – I tend to agree about the library but not universally. Which one is especially helpful?

    I’d say the dude at Central who recommended the comic book series “Locke & Key” to me was pretty helpful.


  7. The folks on the library phone line have always given me impressive customer service, especially good for a government office. I have called a number of times (easier to handle things by phone than by internet when you’re walking a baby) and never wait on hold, always talk to a friendly, knowledgeable person and always get my request taken care of quickly. And yes, Central Library has very helpful employees! That’s saying a lot considering the demands of the public which can be pretty weird in a place like that.


  8. Thought of one over the weekend: I know YMMV at your local Home Depot but the Folsom Blvd location has one guy in particular who is extremely helpful about plumbing stuff. Can’t remember the name; shorter guy, late-40s/50s, Neal Diamond type hairdo. Super helpful, he has helped me with several plumbing problems. Most other people in an HD might as well be bags of gravel with orange vests but this guy is great. So if you can’t get to a smaller hardware where you can get reliable help seek this guy out. Also he won’t make you feel like an idiot.


  9. Your plumbing comment reminds me of a trip I took to ace hardware a while back (cypress and Manzanita). I was picking up some ABS plubming parts for a project. The guy behind the counter recognized me from earlier in the day and asked, “How many times have you been here today?” “Two,” I replied. He said, “I’ll see you in about an hour then.” When I asked how he knew that he told me that plumbing projects require 4 trips. Bastard was right.


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