Do or die week for Kings?

Mayor Johnson is still sounding optimistic about keeping the Kings in town and apparently March 1 is the deadline for the Kings to file a relocation request. Notes from Bill Bradley and Voisin (interesting note about Stern’s Sacramento-is-Seattle reference) and Sam Amick are worrisome, while Ryan Lillis and the Here We Stay folks provide optimism on the subject.

If this goes the wrong way and we lose the team, will I regret agitating against raising taxes to pay for a shady deal to build the railyard arena? I spent some time this morning rereading some of my posts from that period of time and I maintain my stance. I am aware that Oklahoma City is somewhat of a success story, with the city now owning Ford Arena. I’m not 100% sure that there wouldn’t have been some kind of deal involving a tax increase in return for city ownership of the arena that I couldn’t have supported. But the amount of concessions Sacramento City and County leaders were willing to give the Maloofs made the 2006 deal a bad one for citizens, IMHO. And if we had known this situation would be a direct result it would have made that deal even more distasteful.

Surely you don’t lack for places on the Internet to answer this question but what do you think? How do you see this thing playing out?

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6 thoughts on “Do or die week for Kings?”

  1. I hope they stay, and I’m with you that it’d be worth a slight tax increase to me for it. I had a difference stance two years ago, but I think the Kings are good for Sacramento (despite their record) and it’d be a bigger sadness than people think if they leave. Now could I root for them if they moved? Seattle, Louisville probably; Anaheim, Las Vegas hellz no.


  2. Business is about making sometimes risky investments. If the Maloofs want a new arena, no one is stopping them from building a damn arena. The investment might work in their favor, it may not, but I sure as shiite don’t intend to pay for any part of it.


  3. A number of independent audits have proven that there’s absolutely no economic benefit to the vast majority of cities in having a pro basketball team. So – why the irrational need to throw money at something that does nothing for Sacramento?


  4. Why such a rude response to my comment turty_squip? The article asked for opinions and I politely shared mine. No need to be a jackass because our opinions differ.


  5. Why would people be willing to pay a small additional tax to keep a team full of millionaires that contributes very little, but they can’t handle funding public schools?

    For shame, Sacramento.


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