Don Geronimo on stage at the Sac Comedy Spot

This Saturday, radio host Don Geronimo will be the star attraction at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. He’ll be the featured interviewee as part of the Comedy Spot’s 9PM show, Anti-Cooperation League. In the show, Geronimo will be interviewed by SCS owner Brian Crall. Undoubtedly Geronimo will share tawdry stories of life behind the mic, and improvisers from the ‘Spot will create a whole show based on those stories.

If you haven’t been keeping track, Geronimo is doing more than fine in his 12-4 slot on 1140 KHTK, but he’s also started co-hosting Good Day Sacramento on channel 31. We’ve also heard rumors that he might start co-hosting the evening news with Edie Lambert, calling Kings games with Jerry Reynolds, and reviving the role of Captain Mitch on daytime television. I will personally lobby him this weekend to also take on the role of Joe Carchione, the Green Grocer, and go into business partnership with Preet Kalrai.

Don Geronimo/Anti-Cooperation League at the Sacramento Comedy Spot, Saturday 9PM  1050 20th St (between J & K) 916.444.3137

3 thoughts on “Don Geronimo on stage at the Sac Comedy Spot”

  1. Holy in half of the “Radio Gods” duo of Don & Mike? Some of the craziest times in Sacramento were at their old Las Vegas Style shows, especially the one at Memorial in ’98.


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