Funnel cloud [photo]

I am usually skeptical about weather warnings and today was shaping up as validation of that, since it cleared up nicely despite forecasts for rain through the evening. But that was before I saw this outside the window here at work just now. Technically this is a funnel cloud, I believe:

Now if I could just find my grandparent aged aunt and uncle and my little terrier dog and get into the cellar, I’ll be all set.

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

3 thoughts on “Funnel cloud [photo]”

  1. The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado at the Mather Field Industrial Park, immediately north of Mather Field Friday afternoon. Winds reached 75 mph, which puts it in the EF0 category for tornado strength.

    In addition to the tornado, several people reported pea-sized hail lasting for about 10 minutes in the Rancho Cordova area.


  2. Yeah the hail made everybody turn around to look out the window. And then while we were all looking at the hail, this one guy was all like “uh, that’s a tornado.” I wish I had been able to capture video because this thing was swirling like some sort of tornado.


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