Opa! Opa! tries to be hipa hipa

Opa! Opa! Coupon Image

Got this coupon in the mail the other day from Opa! Opa! and it made me think, “Et tu, Opa?”

I get that they are trying to be clever, and current, and cute, but the softening of the f-word in our society is really starting to annoy the fuck out of me. I’m just getting over the Cee-Lo song and now Pink, sorry P!nk, drops another kindler, gentler f-bomb song on us. Admittedly, I am a curmudgeon and many of you may tell me to chill the eff out, but it’s tough when you have young ones around the house telling you that they’re not saying the real word so it’s okay.

And I get it, Opa! Opa! disclaims that “OMG” means “OH MY GOSH!” (what, we’re censoring His name now?) and “WTF” is meant to stand for “WOW THOSE FRIES!” and it’s an attention grabber (it grabbed mine, right?).

I don’t know, what do you think? Take it easy, RTOI? Lighten up, it’s only an ad for hummus? Let me know. I gotta run, another car just ran a stop sign on my street and I’m going to call the sheriff.

Author: RonTopofIt

RonTopofIt is a complex personality, as are most of the small breed of modern day renaissance millionaires. He wishes more people were like him and yet believes that it takes all kinds. You've met RonTopofIt many times, you just don't remember him.

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