Abu Dhabi do a number on Sactown

I’ve never read a more heartless editorial. Steve Dilbeck of Abu Dhabi’s The National seems to think that the Kings woke up last week in Sacramento after a bender and need to get the fuck out of Dodge.

Get this: free agents do not want to live in isolated Sacramento; they do want to live on a bluff overlooking the Pacific.

He sounds like some kind of median income Nazi who only knows about basketball from the dictionary and only knows Sacramento from the map. Don’t they have like, slavery in Abu Dhabi? I’ll take Sacramento, ocean view bluffs or not.

Author: CoolDMZ

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4 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi do a number on Sactown”

  1. Just for the record: Steve Dilbeck is not in Abu Dhabi. He’s a longtime Southern California journalist laid off by the L.A. Daily News in 2009. He now writes for the LA Times’ Dodgers blog and writes for other publications. Not that I necessarily agree with Steve’s opinion on the Sac Kings, but it’s important to know that he does live in this country and knows his SoCal sports.


  2. Hi Sam McManis!
    I did assume that the piece was written from elsewhere. By a 10 year old who recently learned what “median income” is.


  3. Median household income for the UAE is $119K, and Abu Dhabi also has ocean views.

    Based on Dilbeck’s juvenile logic, it seems like Abu Dhabi would be the best home for the Kings.

    But would Abu Dhabi be able to entice big time sponsors to come along, such as Power Balance?


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