La Favorita name change?

Ahora es más machista.

The La Favorita near my home was recently re-christened, and today I noticed that the La Favorita near my workplace has undergone gender reassignment surgery to become El Favorito. They still have the same font on the signs but perhaps that’s just because that font just really says taco. (Can’t think of the font name. Who’s that one commenter who is a typog nerd?)

I haven’t been to either location in a while… does anybody know what is going on? Are they just trying some different names? Did they have to sell off some of those stores?

Author: CoolDMZ

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3 thoughts on “La Favorita name change?”

  1. There’s a sign inside the Stockton one that says it’s under new ownership. And I didn’t think it was as good, the one time I ate there after the change, unfortunately.


  2. The one on stockton is now called “Pancho Villa’s Taqueria” I agree, they disappointed me the first visit, but I think they are getting better. I still am not fond of their regular tacos, but the pollo asada burrito has yet to fail. Being the closest taqueria to my house, I will say that I dont mind hitting them up when I have the hankering for a meat tube.
    They may be feeling the pinch of the times and had to shave off a few locations? Who knows, but God bless La Familia de Resturantes Favoritas!!!


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