Sacto MoFo – Get your ass there

If, by some chance, you haven’t checked out the Bee, or News & Review, or News 10, 13, 3, 40, 58, or pi, or one of the 1253 websites that have done profiles on tomorrow’s event, then you might not know that tomorrow will be your opportunity to sample the region’s best mobile food at the Sacramento Mobile Food Fest, or Sacto MoFo!

Head down to Fremont Park (16th and Q) Saturday, 12-6. You’ll pay nothing to attend, yet you’ll have access to some of the best tacos, gyros, sliders, bangers, trousers, slippers, and knickers you’ll ever want to put in your mouth. There’ll be DJ’ing from 12-2, FreeBadgin’ from 2-4 and the sound of wails as the food runs out from 4-6.

Say hi to the organizers Paul, Catherine, and Joshua while you’re there, and make sure to tell Josh your best super-offensive racist joke. I hear he loves them.

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