Vampires Suck…Really Well!

Hi kiddos. If gratuitous nudity, silly violence, and amazing special effects — all on a budget of $25K — are not your bag, then you definitely don’t want to go to the Crest Theatre (K & Tenth) tomorrow night. But before you judge, please meet me after the fold. Please…?

The TRASH FILM ORGY has been a staple in town for, I believe, a decade now. They’ve produced their second original film and it’s premiering at the Crest Saturday night, April 30th. I had a prior commitment, but one of the producers — the lovely Christy Savage — was kind enough to give me a DVD screener.

If you like horror movies, camp, and — I’ll just be blunt, breasts — you’re in for a treat. It’s beautifully shot, well-acted, and doesn’t feel like an indie production. So bummed I’m going to miss it on the big screen. Wish I knew what the price of admission is but whatever, it’s well worth it. The TFO family pulled out all the stops on this!

Go, go, go! There are only 900 seats at the Crest! Hurry, hurry!

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