Bin Laden Killed, Maloofs Scrap Plan for Move to Anaheim

In a flurry of activity today, news of Bin Laden’s death has convinced the Maloofs not to move the Kings to Anaheim. Unconfirmed reports put most of the funding for the move coming from the Al Qaeda stronghold of Newport Beach and Orange, so the two events might indeed be connected.

Asked about his opinion on the matter, Kings fan Newton Carruthers said, “I think we should change that 6th Man jersey to a Navy SEAL wetsuit; they’re the real heroes in all this.”

2 thoughts on “Bin Laden Killed, Maloofs Scrap Plan for Move to Anaheim”

  1. As we all know it was Donald Trump who killed Usama Bin Laden. So I guess Sacramento has the Donald to thank for another year of Slamson and Grant Napier?


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