Hopsauce tomorrow!

Rubicon Hopsauce Douple IPA will be released on May 4, 2011.

People are always asking me what my favorite beer is. I can never give a straight answer, as one of the many things I love about beer is the variety and seasonality. In the winter you may find me curled up with a spicy barley wine. In the summer, I’ll be in the mountains drinking nothing but pale ales for days on end. Usually, the best answer truly is “whatever is in my hand.”

Tomorrow, however, I will actually have a firm answer to that question. Not only will I have this beer in my hand, but it is one of the local beer releases that I look forward to the most. I have a soft spot in my liver for monstrously hoppy IPAs, I boisterously support local beer and I am a sucker for really fresh beer. Rubicon’s Hopsauce hits all of my sweet spots.

Starting tomorrow at 11AM, Rubicon will begin selling bottles of their amazing Double IPA fresh off the production line. A day or two later, they will begin hitting local store shelves. I predict that the 200+ cases are going to go fast.

Now that Pliny the Elder madness has seeped out of the beer geek culture and into mainstream society, more and more beer drinkers are snatching up bottles in search of their hop fix. “What is the hoppiest beer you have?” is heard with increasing frequency at pubs and shops. If you are one of these deranged individuals, you will want to set your sights on this one. I will spare you the long and complex details and simply assure you that there are lots of different kinds of hops strategically inserted into this beer to tip your pleasure meters off the scale.

See you tomorrow!

One thought on “Hopsauce tomorrow!”

  1. Hey Dan, thanks for the tip. Hopsauce is definitely on the to-do list. I’m generally pretty wary of the super hoppy, but I’ll rest some faith on your superior beer wisdoms. And of course Rubicon couldn’t be a more outstanding brewer in my eyes, so that helps.

    Thanks for the info.


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