Kings rally Tuesday, Don G has details today UPDATE: Scot Pollard, Doug Christie, TESLA

Come party with these guys

Yesterday on KHTK’s Don Geronimo Show, Don G and Carmichael Dave shared the news that a “HUGE” Kings party/rally is being planned for Tuesday in Downtown Sac. Today on the show they will announce the exact location as well as some special guests planned. Fingers crossed for Chris Vlade and Peja. After the whole “purple tie” thing I think C-Webb is probably a lock. I’d tune in to Don G right off the bat if you want the details — Dave is promising to make the announcements at noon. has a clip of Don G interviewing Gavin Maloof on his show.

UPDATE: Scot Pollard, Doug Christie and TESLA are confirmed for the rally on Tuesday from 5-8pm downtown. I only know this from the Twitter pages because I had a meeting until just now. Did they talk locations?

Author: CoolDMZ

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5 thoughts on “Kings rally Tuesday, Don G has details today UPDATE: Scot Pollard, Doug Christie, TESLA”

  1. I think they already said C-Webb can’t make it due to his TNT work. I’d expect the Maloofs, coach Westphal, and some current and former players for sure.


  2. You know I thought of that as I was putting on my socks. So basically you can picture me writing this without socks on.

    I suppose showing that the Maloofs are behind #HereWeStay might bring a lot more people into the movement. Because otherwise it is going to be more and more awkward. And the Maloofs are already super awkward people.


  3. Sounds like Night of the Living Dead: Sacramento Edition.

    Better hurry up and untomb Joe Serna, Mitch Richmond, Stan Atkinson and Bourgeoisie-Tagg while we’re at it.


  4. I dont think that having Tesla play is going to boost any image that we are trying to portray here. Sorry Tesla.


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