Nick Toma surfaces in Illinois

Nick Toma, television news anchor
Looks a little Photoshopy, huh?
To this day, our most popular post has to do with the disappearance of Nick Toma from local television. More than a year later, the post still receives comments.

Brandy says:
December 13, 2012 at 8:41 am
Nick toma got fired! As much as i miss him he shouldnt of done what he did on live tv. Him and marianne are friends. And do u really think that is the REAL don g commenting on this page? Highly dojbtful.

Well, today I noticed that radio deejay legend, Don Geronimo, shared this link to Nick’s bio at WTVO/WQRF in Rockford, Illinois.

Nick comes to Eyewitness News with 23 years of reporting and anchoring experience, most recently in Sacramento, California where he co-hosted a five hour morning show…Nick’s hidden talent? He’s a drummer and enjoys filling in for cover bands when he can. Nick has played in tribute bands for The Beatles, Stones and The Who. He’s open to sitting in for Rockford cover bands and his price is right (free!).

And, by the way, the Nick Toma Fanclub Facebook page is alive and kicking with 523 fans.

Top articles for 2011

Happy 2012 everyone! For your enjoyment here are the top posts on this site that were published in 2011. Of course, Julie Durda, How to pronounce Goethe and The Shins making headlines continue to be curiously popular as well.

  1. Band Tesla ft. Nick Toma
  2. Sugar Plum Vegan- No More Excuses
  3. New Midtown Goodwill Opens with Boutique Flare
  4. Hitt leaves CBS 13 (published December 2010)
  5. 60 Minutes airs story of local climber
  6. Kings rally Tuesday, Don G has details
  7. The Brunch That Nightmares are Made of, or How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Sunday
  8. Quick Bites: Good Eats shutting down, THIR13EN meets expectations, Doughbot news
  9. Brew It Up! is shutting down
  10. “Rise Guys” leaving for SF with Don G move, new show for Carmichael Dave

“Rise Guys” leaving for SF with Don G move, new show for Carmichael Dave

I had heard on the Twittersphere that Don Geronimo would moving to mornings, and that Carmichael Dave would now have his own show. But what I didn’t hear is that the reason for the shakeup is that the Rise Guys are leaving town! (sans The Phantom) The article mentions the 12 years Whitey and The Phantom have hosted on KHTK, but I thought they had been around much longer. Help me out, how long has it been really? I’d look it up but their page on CBSSac is gone already and Wikipedia doesn’t have anything. Am I thinking of something else?

I don’t think about them much these days, though they are on my morning commute from time to time. I’m no prude, but I don’t dig on gross “in your face” morning shows or put down comedy, though I do acknowledge that Don G puts together a fun show. I am bummed this morning to see that there will be no more Rise Guys!

UPDATE Thanks to Scupper for helping me pinpoint the Rise Guys history. I don’t know why more people aren’t mentioning this today. They have been on Sac radio for more than 20 years probably! Maybe close to 30?

I vividly remember their “You Can’t Win” trivia contest with super hard questions. Radio is the best.

UPDATE 2 @DonGeronimoShow Tweeted me to confirm he will be leaving Good Day Sac.

Band Tesla ft. Nick Toma

So what’s up with Band Tesla threatening to cancel their appearance at the Kings rally because of Don Geronimo? and Where is Nick Toma from Good Day Sacramento?

Don said he was broadcasting his show live from the Kings rally at Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento when local band Tesla, who was scheduled to perform at the rally, was on stage getting ready. Don, who’s known for his crude and often biting humor, saw the band from across the park and commented on air that Brian Wheat, Tesla’s bassist, who has long hair and was wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey, looked like Garth from Wayne’s World.

How crude…and biting.

And now Nick Toma goes missing and has two, count them two, Facebook pages created in his honor?

i asked this on their page and they deleted it. there is something going on. they said he was on vacation and then off and then he was just gone. with a generic post as to “he is no longer with the company and is pursuing other options” yada yada yada i have not watched their show since that day…

I say Don is behind this what with his new three-year deal at KHTK and job as program director and all, not to mention his addition to the Good Day Sacramento lineup.

Next thing you know, Don will be opening restaurants with Mark S. Allen.

Kings rally Tuesday, Don G has details today UPDATE: Scot Pollard, Doug Christie, TESLA

Come party with these guys

Yesterday on KHTK’s Don Geronimo Show, Don G and Carmichael Dave shared the news that a “HUGE” Kings party/rally is being planned for Tuesday in Downtown Sac. Today on the show they will announce the exact location as well as some special guests planned. Fingers crossed for Chris Vlade and Peja. After the whole “purple tie” thing I think C-Webb is probably a lock. I’d tune in to Don G right off the bat if you want the details — Dave is promising to make the announcements at noon. has a clip of Don G interviewing Gavin Maloof on his show.

UPDATE: Scot Pollard, Doug Christie and TESLA are confirmed for the rally on Tuesday from 5-8pm downtown. I only know this from the Twitter pages because I had a meeting until just now. Did they talk locations?

Don Geronimo to return to Sacramento airwaves

Thanks to reader Stephanie for the tip, as we learned today via the Twitter pages that Don Geronimo of the Don & Mike Show fame will return to KHTK on June 21st. This presumably means the end of the Jim Kozimor show.

To start, I’ll do 3 wks a month from an OC studio, 1 week a month from Sac-town. Plans are to relocate to Sac eventually. A new home!

I still have the mp3 of his first show back after the tragic death of his wife, Freda, in 2005. Powerful stuff.

Welcome back to Sacramento, Don!