Where Everybody Knows Your Name

So about two years ago I was appointed to Sacramento’s Housing and Redevelopment Commission. Twice a month, yours truly and ten other wonks meet to provide input and vote on what the city’s and county’s redevelopers want to do with public money.

Meetings are open to the public, but I can count on my own ten fingers (no toes) the regulars who show up and spout off. These eight or nine folks by default represent all of Sacramento’s residents.

As much as I like Cheers, the nerve centers of democratic governance aren’t the kind of place where you want everybody to know your name. (Adding to the divey feel is the fact that we’re all guys, what’s with that?)

I know redevelopment is about as exciting as flossing your teeth or pairing socks out of the laundry. But we gave you the mermaid bar on K Street. That alone should give you reason to start weighing in on what we do next.

If you’re a political goon like me, then you know one of the biggest knocks against redevelopment statewide is that we’re too insular and ought to be more transparent. Well, here we are. The first and third Wednesdays every month, where everything is vetted and you can register your opinions.

We literally invest millions and millions of dollars – many of them are yours – on stuff that reshapes the community. Show up and give us a piece of your mind.

6 thoughts on “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

  1. I tell you what, this sacrag commenter is suddenly full-on stoked about some civic participation. I will see you tonight! I am totally jonesing to strap in for the show and see my commish classify some areas as “blight”, whether they need it or not!

    Ohhhh, wait, what’s this… your link says that tonight’s meeting is cancelled. Was this a non-vite?


  2. No meeting scheduled or cancelled for tonight. The next meeting is May 18. You might have been looking at the May 4 meeting, which actually was cancelled.


  3. Were SHRA redevelopment funds used for the mermaid bar project? I thought it was funds provided by the sale of the Sheraton.

    Haven’t been to an SHRA board meeting in a couple years. Maybe I’ll stop in and say “hi” if there is anything interesting on the docket.


  4. “But we gave you the mermaid bar on K Street.”

    Great “gift.” Don’t you mean “We forcably took your earned money and decided to give it to a mermaid bar business.”?


  5. Yes- the Housing and Redevelopment Commission is really going to listen to the argument that its very existance is an unconstitutional taking of taxpayer money, and then decide to return all its money and then disband.


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