Shady Lady on Hiatus

Prohibition Strikes Back!

Maybe the R strip’s most beloved watering hole, the Shady Lady Saloon, will be closed until May 19. Apparently a technical slip up in Shady’s reporting to Alcoholic Beverage Control landed the bar a 10-day suspension of its alcohol license.

Shady Lady is a fantastic bar. The decor drips 1920s speakeasy. The front patio has lots of streetside seating. There’s often a live band playing. And I’m told they make their own tonic (though I’m not really a gin and tonic drinker) and it’s excellent.

But most of all, and I mention it with some reluctance, Shady serves a pint of Oly for just $2, day and night.

I’m a bit gun shy to even broach the subject since being mistaken for a corporate-deluded hipster the last time I sung Oly’s praises, but Olympia beer might be the most precious liquid the planet Earth has to offer. And Shady Lady, God bless their hearts, sells it for 2 bucks a pint.

So the wonderful 32 employees of Shady will be out of work for the next ten days. A string of benefits has been arranged to help them out. I’m going to try to go to at least one of these because those folks are awesome.

I’m nervous about this closure. It brings back a flood of memories about how Hangar 17 (rest its soul) neared its end and took with it those 2-for-1 drink specials and the best smoking patio in downtown.

The nervousness is probably irrational. But being deprived of Shady for even a ten-day hiatus should remind us all of how great that place is.

6 thoughts on “Shady Lady on Hiatus”

  1. Uh, that’s a much more serious infraction than a name change. According to the ABC file, much worse (# 1074977).


  2. $2 pints of anything at a good bar like Shady Lady is not a thing to pass up. Even if it really is Miller beer inside the keg / can.


  3. So what kind of “controlled substances” is the Shady Lady being accused of selling, and who is accused of selling them? The ABC report is light on details…


  4. On sacbee comments for the article, co-owner Garrett is saying that the ABC listing of “selling controlled substance” was in error, and the ABC has since corrected the error in their report.

    Having no reason to doubt Garretts word, that is one huge error by the ABC that can really impact a small business. My apologies as well for spreading a false rumor (although I got this from reading the online ABC report yesterday that had the controlled substance accusation).



  5. I’ve seen Garrett combating the rumors as well, but I don’t buy it. Sorry. According to the updated ABC files it seems that Shady Lady had its license “revoked” for the “controlled substance” related infraction. Later that revocation was stayed for two years – as it states right now. I don’t care what the news says, you don’t get suspended, revoked and put on probation for two years for a paperwork issue. Nobody knows the exact details of the ‘controlled substance’ allegations, and I frankly don’t need to know – but I do think the owners owe it to the public and its employees to openly discuss the actual charges and punishment levied by ABC.


  6. nevermind, I’m gonna start going to Crescent Club instead, at least they’re open about their illicitness


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