Deterding Pool brings classic summer fun

Loved Deterding Pool!

Deterding Pool waterslide

I’m always complaining about the pool situation in Sac City so I thought it would behoove me to post something positive about public pools in the area. Over the weekend my family brought me to Deterding Pool in the Arden Arcade Community, a place they had been enjoyed the previous week.

Deterding Pool is basically a perfect public pool experience. There are 3 pools — the competition pool with a deep end for diving, but also a kickass waterslide; the “family pool” which goes from 3 feet at each end to 5 feet in the middle; and a wading pool for the kiddies. There is a snack bar with summertime classics like ice cream sandwiches and candy. There is ample shade provided by majestic oaks and the overhang on the pool building. And there is the soundtrack of summer fun, via mix CDs provided by the lifeguards themselves. Though I usually try to avoid today’s hit music, the kids love it, and I have to admit there is something about listening to today’s hits at the pool that is just like being a kid in the 80s and having Journey on constant rotation at the pool. Also I could hear that Florence and the Machine song on constant rotation.

I’m a big fan of the family pool that never goes deeper than 5 feet. I know that once the kiddies can swim then they are OK in basically any depth, but for your basic frolicking this is perfect. The similar pool at Tahoe Park is zero-entry, which adds an additional element of fun.

The jumbo waterslide is another great thing to have. I had forgotten how much fun that can be. The slide does a figure eight and lets you down in about 3 feet of water.

The hours and fees can’t be beat. It is open 7 days, including evening swim, and there are 70 swim days left, so it’s probably not too late in the summer to take advantage of their family pass — $110 for a family of four.

Arden Manor Parks have done a great job with this facility. If you need to beat the heat and don’t mind going off grid, definitely check it out.

Deterding Pool
1415 Rushden Drive, Sacramento
Near Hurley & Morse

Author: CoolDMZ

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One thought on “Deterding Pool brings classic summer fun”

  1. Kinda going overboard on the whole “don’t excrete in the pool” thing, aren’t they? I understand the “don’t P in our ool” thing, but is #2 that big an issue?


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