City aquatics schedule announced; YMCA to operate Tahoe Pool

The City of Sacramento was able to make an early announcement today about the start of summer aquatics season and it looks like the good news trend continues. The “YMCA of Superior California” will operate Tahoe Pool, as it did last summer, but Glenn Hall and Southside will once more be run by the city. Most pools will be open at least 6 days, with only Cabrillo Pool, near Florin & Freeport, scheduled to be closed.

I guess the last round of sales tax increases is finally starting to pay off? Though I can’t seem to find much in the way of news dating back to those increases to see if they went for city services like Parks & Rec.

I was a Glenn Hall River Rat as a kid but these days I am all about Tahoe Pool and the YMCA folks that ran it last year. Anyone else planning to use the city pools this drought-stricken summer?

YMCA-City pools rubbing folks the wrong way?

We enjoyed spending a lot of time at our beloved Tahoe Pool over the weekend, and are reaping the benefits of daily hours already. Our season pass will pay for itself in 2 weeks. Many thanks to the Sacramento YMCA for saving these pools!

But I am seeing a lot of grumbling about the slight changes at the pool on our NextDoor portal and it’s rubbing me the wrong way. Granted, there have been a few changes to the rules and this might take some getting used to. Yes, technically the rates have doubled (from $1 to $2). Sure, it’s a bummer to have to actually acquire swimwear in order to swim. I know, it’s such a hassle to have someone else restrict your kid’s horseplay so they don’t FALL AND GET A CONCUSSION OR DROWN AND DIE.

Some people just love to complain (here I am basically complaining about people’s love of complaining) and will rebel against any change made by “authorities,” even new safety rules at the local pool. I have been at Tahoe Pool almost every hour it has been open so far and I can attest that the enforcement there is completely in sync with safety and comfort, and the lifeguards are doing an excellent and even-handed job. I don’t know how much those kids earn but for what they have to deal with it’s probably not enough.

Anyone else seeing positive changes at Glenn Hall, Southside and Tahoe Pools?

YMCA will operate 3 city pools this summer

Tahoe Pool, ready for action
Tahoe Pool, ready for action

YMCA of Sacramento had recently announced it would operate Glenn Hall, Southside and Tahoe Pools this summer. But the even better news is that these pools will hav open swim hours seven days a week.

In addition to open swim hours 1-5pm Sunday through Friday and noon to 6pm Saturday, the pools will be open for lap swim, lessons, water exercise and swim team (at Glenn Hall). The public swim fee of $4/adults and $2/children is steeper than previous years but still a great deal. There will also be a $150 family unlimited pass.

This is excellent news. I am definitely looking forward to some serious chillaxing at Tahoe Pool this summer. Long hours on Saturday is awesome!

Last chance to enjoy City pools this summer

The City pools are gearing up to close for the season but there is still time to enjoy them before then. From the City Aquatics page:

  • Bertha Henschel Play Pool, Clunie & Pannell Meadowview Pools are open through Labor Day weekend.
  • Tahoe Pool is open through Sat. 8/25.
  • McClatchy Park and Sim Pools are open through Aug. 26.

My family and I have quite enjoyed being able to go to Tahoe Pool this year again. The staff is awesome, the facility is great and the vibe is always really nice even though there are always swarms of unsupervised tweens.

Let’s hope that this gem is open again next year!

Neighborhood Assoc. saves Tahoe Park pool

Some excellent news came this week for Tahoe Park residents — and for anyone else who has enjoyed the park’s public pool. An effort by the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association was successful in reopening Tahoe Park Pool for the 2012 season! TPNA was able to secure donations by the Sierra Health Foundation and local representatives Councilmember Kevin McCarty and County Supervisor Phil Serna and will be able to run the pool June 19th through August 25th from 2-6 PM Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Not only is it now open but it will have hours after business hours on Weekdays? I couldn’t ask for more. I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to Saturday late afternoons at the Tahoe Park Pool.

The pool has been shuttered for more than a year since being shut down by the City’s Parks and Rec department, so the TPNA is organizing a cleanup of the building (using, because we’re plugged in like that).

Hooray for citizen activism!

Deterding Pool brings classic summer fun

Loved Deterding Pool!

Deterding Pool waterslide

I’m always complaining about the pool situation in Sac City so I thought it would behoove me to post something positive about public pools in the area. Over the weekend my family brought me to Deterding Pool in the Arden Arcade Community, a place they had been enjoyed the previous week.

Deterding Pool is basically a perfect public pool experience. There are 3 pools — the competition pool with a deep end for diving, but also a kickass waterslide; the “family pool” which goes from 3 feet at each end to 5 feet in the middle; and a wading pool for the kiddies. There is a snack bar with summertime classics like ice cream sandwiches and candy. There is ample shade provided by majestic oaks and the overhang on the pool building. And there is the soundtrack of summer fun, via mix CDs provided by the lifeguards themselves. Though I usually try to avoid today’s hit music, the kids love it, and I have to admit there is something about listening to today’s hits at the pool that is just like being a kid in the 80s and having Journey on constant rotation at the pool. Also I could hear that Florence and the Machine song on constant rotation.

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City pools open today

James McClatchy Park pool, c.1918. Ralph Congdon Collection

For what it’s worth. Five pools are closed this year for recreational swimming, and those that are open are typically open a grand total of 12 hours per week. The schedule is wack, as the kids would say. All pools that are still open are open from 2-4pm, and one assumes the bright spot was supposed to be that they are all open 6 days a week, but any way you slice it, gone are the days of killing time by the pool.

Obviously they are in dire straits to keep the doors open at all. Since these are permanent assets they basically have to keep them open. I’m not sure whether they considered closing a few of them permanently, keeping the larger pools open for longer periods. I’m also not sure why they didn’t consider staggered schedules (T/Th or M/W/F) as they used to do. It seems like either of those schedules would be more convenient for patrons.

Not to mention: how do they find trained lifeguards willing to work a grand total of 12 hours per week?

City pools are practically closed

Glenn Hall Pool
Glenn Hall Pool, by Midtown Grid user Julia

The bathroom closure announcement is probably the most unfortunate and glaring change in the city’s gutted rec budget, but I’m really disappointed that almost all the pools will now only be open 3-5 PM. There will be no city pools open after 5pm, and several pools — including my beloved Glenn Hall pool — will be closed to recreational swimming entirely. The changes take effect Monday. Oh well, at least the kids can play in the sprinklers, right? Oh wait.

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