Who is the superhero we need, Sacramento?

Who is the superhero we need, Sacramento?

Rainn Wilson in “Super”

I finally saw “X-Men: First Class” over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. The recent spate of comic book pictures has me thinking about what Sacramento could use in a superhero. (Okay, let’s be honest, I didn’t need any help thinking about this.)

You know that things are bad all over because of the budget, and that our crime problems continue apace. (Being facetious there.) But what exactly does our area need? A streetwise crime stopper like Luke Cage? (One of my favorites–somebody please green light that Old Spice guy Luke Cage pitch!) A cosmic powerhouse along the lines of a Green Lantern? Perhaps a Dark Knight could rise to reluctantly help the cash strapped police department? Or maybe you see Sacramento as being led by a strong but ultimately evil mortal man like a Lex Luthor or a Norman Osborn?

I’d like to hear from the geeks out there: What are the ideal powers for a Sacramento based superhero or super squad? Maybe we can get some sketches of some of the winners.

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

4 thoughts on “Who is the superhero we need, Sacramento?”

  1. Former Soviet supervillian, turned naturalized Capitol Crusader:

    “The Red Tape”

    – able to grind efficient criminal activity to a complete halt.


  2. It’s a board! It’s a plan! It’s Regulation Man!

    Faster than the city council minutes. Able to halt business in a single bound. Able to sell a dubious budget to a quasi-willing public, in triplicate. With the might of well-meaning unions at his side, Regulation Man leaves much more in his wake than he initially encountered, spawning committees, collecting fees and gumming all works with meaningless reports. With the antithesis of X-ray vision he diligently pursues his nemesis, Small Business.


  3. I decided to resurrect my own thread in order to put in a vote for the #Misfits: Nathan, Alisha, Curtis, Kelly and Simon (Future Simon preferred). A bunch of juvenile offenders reluctantly saving the world sounds kind of Sacramento.


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