Who is the superhero we need, Sacramento?

Who is the superhero we need, Sacramento?

Rainn Wilson in “Super”

I finally saw “X-Men: First Class” over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. The recent spate of comic book pictures has me thinking about what Sacramento could use in a superhero. (Okay, let’s be honest, I didn’t need any help thinking about this.)

You know that things are bad all over because of the budget, and that our crime problems continue apace. (Being facetious there.) But what exactly does our area need? Continue reading “Who is the superhero we need, Sacramento?”

Read comics in public on Saturday!

Superheroes - Comic Con 2009
Cosplay is optional
Creative Commons License photo credit: ajagendorf25

Saturday is the first annual “International Read Comics in Public Day.” The idea is to be caught reading comics you know, out among the public, with the hopes that somebody will ask you what you’re reading and allow you to start explaining until they and their jock buddies start wailing on you.

August 28 is coincidentally the the birthday of the late great Jack Kirby, co-creator of many of Marvel Comics famous characters including Captain America and the Incredible Hulk.

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Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!

Heads’ up, geeks: Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, which is a perfect day to head on down to your local comic book shop and see what’s new in paneled graphic entertainment. This year features a slew of interesting titles:

  • a mini issue of “Mouse Guard,” a spectacular book about a society of mice
  • “Iron Man/Thor” written by Matt Fraction and drawn by John Romita, Jr. which leads into the next chapter in the Marvel Universe
  • a “Green Hornet” issue written by Kevin Smith and tying into the upcoming feature film
  • an issue of “Atomic Robo“, an entertaining book about a WWII era robotic man
  • the first issue of “Irredeemable,” about a superhero who flips the switch and becomes a super villain

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