Unplugging at Shinneyboo Creek [PHOTOS]

Last week was the annual Cool family summer vacation fest, and this year we decided to try our hand at camping. We spent 3 nights at the awesomely named Shinneyboo Creek Cabins resort. Shinneyboo is located between Colfax and Truckee up I-80, about 75 miles away and about 7500 feet elevation.

We stayed in a tent cabin, which offers a lot of room and actual beds (though we still opted for sleeping bags). Roughing it without having to pitch your own tent (though next time we are down for that). There are about a dozen or so tent cabin sites at Shinneyboo, and each is provided a fire pit, a park style BBQ grill, and enough space to stretch out and make your own. There is potable water and there are facilities (including a shower)!

The camp is on the south side of the Yuba River, and there are pretty amazing views of the high Sierra. It is on the border of the Pierce Creek Wetlands area and there are miles of easy trails around. There are a few swimming holes nearby, though nothing really that works for little kids.

Unplugging at Shinneyboo made for a fantastic vacation (though we did round out the week with a visit to San Francisco). We will definitely be making a return trip!

Enjoying camp life. I cut myself with my Leatherman shortly after this and ruined that shirt.

This was a highlight of the trip — log bridge over the river to a small island with water running along it that was safe to swim in (except that it was close to freezing)

I need to develop better camp coffee making skills if I’m going to do this again.

Author: CoolDMZ

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