Ouch, Tyler

Sacramento’s Chef Tyler Stone is the first elimination from Top Chef Texas.

Tonight’s premiere of the 9th season of Top Chef featured Sacramento wunderkind Tyler Stone. Unfortunately, he barely got in the door when Head Judge Tom Colicchio asked him to leave the competition before he had a chance to cook a single dish. Unable to properly butcher a primal cut of pork, Stone is the fastest exit in Top Chef history. Top Chef loves to revel in mocking the early eliminations, and show editing resulted in a less-than-favorable impression of Chef Stone for viewers.

Better luck next time, Tyler!

3 thoughts on “Ouch, Tyler”

  1. Oh man, his mother (who is typically by his side at every appearance) must have been crushed. I wish I could have seen her. The schadenfreude would have been heavier than a port wine reduction.


  2. I’m with sac-eats. I admit the guy has rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning, but I would love to have seen her crestfallen face upon realizing her “super special snowflake” couldn’t deliver. His website alone makes me cringe.


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