Blog Writer Stirs up S*!t Unnecessarily

Yesterday I posted a story with (mostly) third-hand knowledge about the Sacramento Comedy Spot and their possibly getting pushed out of the MARRS building. Turns out I took what was just a few innocent “business-as-usual” conversations between the parties involved and made a big deal out of nothing. Spot owner Brian Crall set me straight with this statement:

When the Comedy Spot moved from Broadway to the MARRS building it took us to an entirely new level.  Mike Heller, the owner of the MARRS Building, gave us an opportunity to show a wider audience our hilarious unique brand of comedy.  The business climate over the  last 2 years has been difficult for everyone.  Through hard work from everyone at the Comedy Spot, and shear determination the we were able to grow despite rough economic times.  We continue to be blown away by our community support.  The owners of the Comedy Spot are passionate about our product and we are extremely thankful that our fans and supporters are just as passionate. 
Mike Heller is passionate about the MARRS Building, and justifiably so, it is the centerpiece of midtown.  The Comedy Spot would like to remain in the MARRS building for many years to come.  We love our diverse arts and entertainment community.  Our hope is to grow and be more successful every year.  We applaud your passion but we do not want to make anyone the bad guy as we talk about our future at MARRS.
We have, and will continue to have, a good relationship with MARRS and Mike Heller.  We hope to have a successful and mutually beneficial relationship in the future.

In regard to the B Street Theatre, The Comedy Spot has always had and will continue to have a tremendous amount of respect for the B Street Theater. The B Street and the Comedy Spot did have a talk about some sort of partnership but decided not to move forward. The Comedy Spot and B Street are two amazing Sacramento institutions. We look forward to working with B Street in the future!
If Sacrag, or any media outlet has any questions in the future please contact me directly first.

Thank you,
Brian Crall
Sacramento Comedy Spot
(916) 444-3137
Sorry to all involved for stirring the pot that didn’t need any stirring at all. I’ll stick to food writing and stay out of the muckraking business.

One thought on “Blog Writer Stirs up S*!t Unnecessarily”

  1. If Sacrag, or any media outlet has any questions in the future please contact me directly first.

    Too bad he didn’t include the word “other” in there after “or any” in that quote.


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