Diggin’ the ‘Wich

On a recent trip to Track 7 Brewing last weekend, I had my fist experience with the Wicked ‘Wich food truck. Despite having vehicle graphics that remind me simultaneously of my distaste for anime and eSruance, they serve up mighty tasty sandwiches.

Their towering beauties typically include Italian bread, sliced tomatoes, vinegar slaw, meats, provolone, and crispy fries. It’s a magical combination that would satisfy even those of Kobayashian appetites. It’s a recipe, however, that a knowledgeable drinker/diner at Track 7 informed me comes from the Great Lakes region, Pittsburgh specifically (even more specifically a joint called Primanti Bros. (click the link to see the similarities)). No matter where it comes from though, it’s a treat. And truthfully, it’s great to share these regional American delicacies. What might be boiler plate in Buffalo, or commonplace in Canton is a novel treat out here in the West. Long story short, if you see the ‘Wich roaming the streets, and you have a hole in your stomach the size of Lake Erie, sidle on up and get yourself some grub.

As for the vibe and beer at Track 7, both are works in progress. Some of the beer is great, I’m a personal fan of their Blonde Ale — too sweet for some but right in my wheelhouse — yet some need a little work like the stout which had almost no carbonation. The vibe, on the other hand, is pretty swell despite being in a completely undisguised industrial warehouse. Sure it’s not fancy, or all that comfortable, but it’s a party. Folks there love the suds, and are passionate about the product. You’d have to be to seek out the small industrial space near Sac City (or as some students call it, Freeport U by the Zoo).

Check both Track 7’s and Wicked ‘Wich’s websites for specials, location, and offerings. They’re both doing good work that should be supported.

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