Sactown Royalty on Evans trade rumors

Want to kill public support for a big arena project? Start rumor you’re going to trade the team’s best player. Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty posted an impassioned plea for sanity last night in the face of rumors to that effect being published by Sports Illustrated and former Bee writer Sam Amick.

Ziller takes apart the situation and calls for patience with Evans adjustment to his new role on the team. It’s a great read, as per usual with TZ, and it does make one frustrated with the Kings management. I know next to nothing about these things but it seems to me that a great way to show thanks to folks who put a lot on the line to craft an amazing deal for these owners would be to invest in the team’s future by signing a big free agent at the end of the season.

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5 thoughts on “Sactown Royalty on Evans trade rumors”

  1. Thanks! Yes I spent a lot of time reading that and his piece from last year (I’ll make people read the article) arguing against building an arena in order to attract a better team.

    I don’t know that I’m in a minority or what but I actually love NBA hoops, for me it is second to baseball. I’m not exactly well versed in all the arguments (shocker, I know) but my knee jerk reaction is that public financing of big sports facilities is “wack”


  2. Typically we tend to think that firms need capital and labor to produce goods; and owners of the firm are responsible for providing the capital. But in sports, much of the capital is provided by the state (see the Baade and Matheson study for how much the public subsidizes professional sports arenas and stadiums). Given this trend, what are the owners providing? In other words, why does Sacramento need the Maloofs (the “owners” of the Kings)? It certainly doesn’t appear to be for managerial expertise. The Kings currently rank among the worst NBA teams. One wonders if basketball fans in Sacramento wouldn’t be better off denying the Kings this subsidy and simply rooting for one of the three other NBA franchises in the state of California.

    Man, that’s good stuff. There are so many angles to this issue. Do we relate the Kings to saving unemployment? Keeping the Kings makes fans of the Kings happy, but no one else? Is having a professional sports team a good business investment? For the owners? For the city?


  3. Probably not. There are situations where the team and the city can consistently come out ahead (Yankees and Packers for instance).

    But despite its vaunted business arrangement, if Green Bay had to acquire a new franchise today and build a stadium, a team, and a brand they would have a very hard time. Pro sports has become a business that regularly eats its young.


  4. Well I would like to see the kings make some real moves that are going to help them in the long. I’m not going to claim to know everything about sports, but I do know that owners care most about making money and winning comes second. If they can make money without spending big money on competitive players then they will continue to do so.


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