Comedy + Beer = Funnier!

The SacRag is a fan of comedy. Occasionally, even we are funny (usually to ourselves as we insert obscure Simpsons quotes and Pavement references into stories). We are especially, and sometimes unabashedly, fans of the Sacramento Comedy Spot. If you have not enjoyed one of their improv shows, stand-up showcases, podcasts, or other thingies, you are missing out.

If you love comedy, there are some great additions to The Spot. First, they finally have a beer license! No more sneaking in flasks of booze (no, seriously, they can get in big trouble for that shit). Instead, local beer and cider will be available for your enjoyment. Second, The Spot is planning on expanding and is seeking sponsorships. This is your business’ssssss’ opportunity to reach out to the dozen or so hundreds of Sacramentans who grace their doors each week while supporting local arts. Finally, there are discount offers available, including two-for-one tickets.

See you tonight for their free Top Ten List Podcast? I’ll be the guy with the beer.

One thought on “Comedy + Beer = Funnier!”

  1. A special shout out to the News and Review for stealing my headline to promote the same story!

    How flattering!


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