Mixologist muddling the competition

Andrew in his natural habitat
Sacramento’s booze fans have been rallying behind local moustachioed mixmaster Andrew Calisterio in Hangar One’s California Tour cocktail contest. He currently has twice as many votes as all other cometetors, but I encourage you to click on his page and vote TODAY (the last day of the contest).

Why? Because Sacramento was snubbed in the contest. Andrew is lumped in with the San Francisco cocktail shakers because Hangar One decided that SACRAMENTO WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH to warrant its own category.

We all know that our local cocktail scene kicks major ass. Let’s get behind Andrew for one final push of votes and show them that we deserve to be considered alongside those inferior cities.

Click through to see his (soon to be) winning recipe, the West Bengal Cocktail.

West Bengal Cocktail

2 oz Hangar One Mandarin Blossom
1 oz Darjeeling infused yellow chartreuse (5 days)
1/4 oz simple syrup
orange zest pinched

Add ingredients to ice, stir, double strain, and add orange zest

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